Bookalizer version 0.9 online – new layout type

There is a new layout type available for the bookalizer: „Details“. With that type, you can display a book ad including the average customer rating and the product description. In addition, there is an auto-scrolling configured for the surrounding DIV because you have problems with the different ad sizes otherwise and a larger image of the book cover is displayed. Please find the example below. Feedback is always appreciated! Try it

History: the charitable organisation Clever Spenden e.V. who is running was planning a German site to offer sports bets. The site was already developed under, but the German laws were against us! We would have violated the law by launching the site and offering bets. So we skipped the whole idea. There is an interesting book that helped me a lot with the concerning legal questions. Please find the book below as an example for the new layout type of bookalizer (unfortunatly, there is no amazon description available for that book).